Dream Resort

For the real die-hards Dream Village offers the opportunity to stay on the Dream Resort again. Don't you want to miss anything from the festival? From pre party until after party? Then make sure you get yourself a weekend and a Dream Resort ticket!

Dream Resort friendsplace

Do you want to be sure of a camping spot and a unforgettable weekend with your friends? Go for the Dream Resort friendsplace! You can choose between the following 3 spot sizes:

  • 4-7 people
  • 8-11 people
  • 12-15 people

Also you've got the opportunity to book some extra options, like a foldtable or a private dixi. This will make your stay extra comfortable! Every friendsplace will get their own personalized name sign.

Dream Resort Festipi

The Festipi is the ideal solution for people who don't feel like dragging al their sleeping stuff with them to the camping, because the only thing you have to bring with you is a sleeping bag and a fantastic mood! The rest will all be standing there, waiting for you.

You can choose between a medium or extra large tent. The height of both Festipi's is 2,7 meters, so you don't have to wiggle yourself in awkward positions to put your pants on anymore!

Dream Resort extra options

To make your stay at the Dream Resort as comfortable as possible, we've got a few extra options to buy:

  • Partytent
  • Sixpack beer
  • Private toilet
  • Foldtable
  • BBQ package
  • Breakfast package
  • Parking ticket
  • Camping shuttlebus
  • Camping locker
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