To make it an unforgettable weekend for everyone, there are some rules regarding the Dream Resort

What isn't allowed to bring to the campsite?

* Sounds systems (little speakers are allowed)

* Aggregates, car batteries, a generator or any other kind of generator. There will be plenty (portable) charging options for your mobile phone. Cold beverages are for sale at the bar.

* Large amounts of food and drinks. Of course it is allowed to bring your own food and drinks, but there are some rules. 4,5 liter per person is allowed. This is alcohol (Less then 15%) and soda together. Make sure the packagings are original and unopened. All your luggage will be searched at the entrance. You couldn't take everything with you? The entire weekend you can buy your drinks and food at the camp store and the wide range of food stands.

* Liquor with a percentage more than 15%.

* Caravans and folding

*Glass and glass bottle.

* Fireworks, weapons and things that can be used as a weapon. (knifes, hammers and screwdrivers for an example.)

* Open fire.

* Sofas and other large things you normally don't bring to the campground.

* Shopping carts, bicycles, mopeds and suchlike. Small trolleys, or something like, are allowed to bring. Provided that they fit through the visitation gates.

* Drugs and any other type of narcotics. (dry ice, nitrous oxide cartridges are prohibited too.

* Paint, markers, spray-cans.

* Pets.

* Clothing dress that may seem provocative. Fluorescent jackets

* Refrigerators and freezers.

What isn't allowed at the campsite?

* EYE4Dance uses the local drug policy. This is “zero tolerance". This means that all types of soft- and hard drugs are prohibited. If drugs are found, you will be handed over to the police.

* Just like in pubs and clubs, smoking isn't allowed in the covered areas.

* Throw your trash in the existing trash bins. So the site remains properly for everyone. Isn't that nice?

* Violence and intimidating behavior is something we strongly disagree with. So no discrimination, sexual harassment or physical violence.

* Everybody likes a drink at the time. Just drink responsible and don't bother other visitors with your drinking.

* Dream Village does his best to give the terrain a nice appearance. Just keep it that way! Don't destroy or steal things.

* Any form of trading goods is strictly prohibited.

* Create slots, holes or digging wells isn't allowed. Nearby is no beach unfortunately.

* Blocking the emergency exits isn't allowed. Putting stuff in front of the exists is at your own risk. The organization is allowed to remove them!

** ATTENTION! Visiting the festival and campsite is at own risk. The organization isn't responsible for any kind of damage or injury. Just like theft of your belongings.

** ATTENTION! The organization has the right to decline or remove visitors, if they don't follow the instructions of the staff, at all times.

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