What is and isn't allowed on the festivalsite?

It's almost impossible to provide a complete list of things you can and can't bring. Hopefully you'll know enough with the following list:

Allowed: deflated inflatable figure, flags, go-pro's, disposable camera's, deodorant sticks and similar products only if they're in the original packaging. Sunscreen is allowed on the festivalsite. Keep in mind that aerosols with high-pressure sunscreen is NOT allowed.

Not allowed: Everything you can think of that can be used to harm yourself or others and of course; Drugs, your own food & drinks, electronic cigarettes, selfie sticks, aerosols, perfume bottles, glass, plastic bottles, cans, cups, coolboxes, fireworks, umbrella's, pocket knives, pepperspray, strollers, tents and benches.

Do you want to bring something that isn't on one of the lists above? Send us an e-mail at

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